Responsible Gaming

Brazino777, online casino, knows the passion of its adult audience for games and bets on the internet, and for this reason we are responsible in offering a variety of games, that besides being innovating and challenging, are safe and responsible enough to accommodate every player and ensure that they receive in return a great safe service without fraud.
Brazino777 supports responsible gaming, committing itself to reducing damage from over participation and problems involving gambling addiction, always aiming to be a platform for fun and entertainment.

Game Security

We at Brazino777, are responsible for the safety of our games, protecting our players against errors and their bets against fraud - considering that manipulation in betting and money laundering are crimes.
The protection of players is based on the guidelines stipulated by the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), which includes no permissions for minors and encrypted transactions in data processing and payments.
Our server is required to not share, rent, sell or lend information from our users to any other company, association or institution, keeping all the information only in our files in the safest way possible and respecting the rules of international banking institutions with respect to the financial operations of our players.

Gambling Addiction Warning

The prevention of gambling addiction is an issue that is extremely necessary in the sphere of online games. That is why - based on the studies of The Cambridge Union Society - we at Brazino777 have developed special protective measures against the influence of gambling addiction, so that all players can have a healthy and fun gaming experience.
To play with responsibility requires moderation, mental and psychological balance and precaution, it is imperative that players are aware of their limits, both psychologically and monetary, and that they can monitor their activity, to always control their playing time.
Based on research of the roots of gambling dependence; there were unique methods created that aim to prevent the development of addiction. Such methods have been included in the design of all games available in Brazino777.

We also suggest that all players follow these recommendations as a way to prevent addiction:
• Always play within your budget limits, never use money that could affect your regular bills, rent, meals or that may put you in any financial risk.
• Do not use the game as a way of escape, always avoid playing when you are upset or depressed, as such states can make decision making difficult. The game should serve only as a form of entertainment and fun.
• Do not use the game in any way as an income, it is purely based on odds and luck and there is no recipe or guarantee of win.
• Make sure you understand and know the rules of the game.
• Play consciously, control the time you spend in the game and take frequent breaks.
• Do not play under alcohol, drugs or any kind of substance that may affect your ability to make conscious and responsible decisions.
• Set a daily, monthly, and weekly limit on your bets so you can have better financial control.
• Do not borrow money from other people or companies in order to play.
• Be aware of your limits, always know the time to stop and to not get frustrated in case of loss.
•Here by the links you can test to see if you are playing in a conscious and healthy way: www.gamcare.org.uk/get-advice/self-assessment-tool, www.ncpgambling.org/help-treatment/screening-tools/

Protection of minors

The use of our gaming platform is restricted only to the general public (18+), and it is must to present documents proving the legal age at the time of registration.
In Brazino777 we are concerned about minors, so the age classification is 18 years or over, and minors are not allowed to access to any game. Our casino has a socially responsible stance and assumes partial liability for the protection of minors under the age of 18 using Parental Control. We hope to create a safe environment with responsible bets made by conscious adults, and take the necessary measures to prevent children and adolescents participate in any of the games.

It is also the responsibility of the parents and/or player’s to take actions to avoid generating the interest of young people who may try to commit fraud by visiting our casino. As a way to prevent your account from being illegally accessed by a young friend or relative, we recommend that you follow these preventative tips:
• keep your access details in a safe place at all times: user ID and password.
• never leave your computer running the software if there is any chance that it could be used by any minor.
• do not allow any minor to participate in the games at any time.
• limit your children's access to Internet and monitor the content they access.

It is also possible to access information and advice about the web safety on the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) website, part of the Family Online Safety Institute: www.fosi.org
We also recommend the use of filtering solutions, which allow parents control over their children's internet access and restrict access to game sites among others. Use of this software is highly recommended in shared computer cases. For more information about the filters go to:
• www.GamBlock.com
• www.NetNanny.com
• www.Contentwatch.com


As a "Game club" online, we at Brazino777 offer a variety of games and bets that is just entertainment for most of the players. We take responsibility for all players by providing all the support and tools needed to ensure a safe and fun environment that act to potential risks in a preventative and responsible manner.
Those who find it difficult to assess risks, to recognize their own limits, or suffer from addictions of any kind, will need to know our guidelines of how to use our online casino as a healthy form of entertainment. We at Brazino777 assume the responsibility of excluding playing people who show such behaviors for their own protection.
It is also the responsibility of the company to protect the privacy of its users, therefore any information received will be used solely to guarantee our services, and all data used by our system will be encrypted and stored in restricted access places; adopting all the safety measures recommended by the industry that invests in advanced data protection technologies.